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3-11-2024 For Life?
1-11-2024 Travel ethics and dog in reverse
12-29-2023 Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
12-18-2023 00:00:01 Toto in the morning
12-18-2023 A slice of chaos
12-17-2023 Plastic pulling, Temper tantrums with Toto
11-28-2023 Talking about it
11-1-2023 Kids these days don't want to work
10-29-2023 Eulogy for an old man
10-20-2023 yay politics!?
10-3-2023 The z________ word
10-2-2023 The long road West, part 1
9-28-2023 Moderately nice
9-27-2023 What are we drinking to?
9-26-2023 The first rule of moderation is...
9-25-2023 One less way to be suspended
9-21-2023 A good house flipper?
9-20-2023 Which came first, the fungus or the nematode
9-18-2023 Stronger what now?
9-17-2023 Ice cream Sunday. Isn't that clever
9-16-2023 Train!?! :\
9-14-2023 Who lives NextDoor?
9-11-2023 love thy neighbor in moderation
9-8-2023 I'll sleep when I'm dead
9-6-2023 Going pro
9-5-2023 Making things to do
9-3-2023 Make it so
_12-12-2023 What season tis it?