Musings of a recovering...

12-17-2023: Plastic pulling

Start with a funny anecdote about being introduced to climbing

Lets say a renaissance festival “climb the tower to save the princess” game

Take a turn. Then visit the gym for a free lesson.

Classic. The first one is always free

Combined with a steady paycheck and feelings of emptiness, the obsession was seeded

Months turn into years. Gym climbing expands to rock climbing

Friends, good times and a few bad ones but that’s life

It was better than regular life. An alternative life.

A vice with cardiovascular benefits and catalogs of cool shit

It’s fun, but shallow in my version of obsession.

But damnit, it’s fun so lets try moderation

Away from the trips. Away from the rock.

Taking it easy back on the soft-floored gym

Most of my closest friendships are from climbing

My wife and I first talked 20’ off the ground focused on colored plastic

I don’t miss spending all of my time having catalog worthy outdoor adventures

I’m 51% convinced of that

Gym climbing’s best parts:

Overhead music that I often don’t like

Auto belaying like an old man meditating in the lap lanes

Watching people have fun together

It’s 4am and the gym is closed

Thank god because otherwise I might be there

Part of moderation is flirting with obsession

It’s innocent flirting. I can do this

Temper tantrums with Toto

He’s so old

And annoying

Toto will cry like a baby

Guess he needs love

I promise myself to be better

I hate my temper

Despite our history, he's always horrified

I’ve done it again

Rage fuels it

I try to manage

It's too much

And I lose control

Most of our time is pleasant

But tantrum time carries weight

The good times come with a caveat

Every explosion worsens us

The last one just happened

Refractory period peace

I'm exhausted and Toto is here asleep

What the fuck is wrong with me?

The rage needs to go somewhere else

I think back to the serenity prayer

Never liked it

Nihilistic and truthful

One day at a time for us, Toto