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10-3-2023: The z________ word

"I have become fearful not only in public but in my own home as well. Sad."

A real quote from nextdoor that minces no words to express a fear mirrored in a significant portion of local posts

I ask many of my friends and family if they use nextdoor. Those who do often confirm their use with sighs and shrugs.

I use nextdoor. With wavering discipline, I avoid most posts that serve as wells full of fearful and angry respones. Nextdoor helps me to meet local people and learn useful information about my neighborhood. I share the struggle with fear and anger over <insert-whatever-social-issue-here>, but I don't see many useful responses in nextdoor discussions. To my lurker eyes, these discussions serve as a positive feedback loop (of negativity) rather than evolving into efforts to understand and address root causes.

I don't often feel fearful in public nor in my own home. Is that ridiculous? If you answered yes, then really I'm sorry. That is terrible.

What's the best way to reduce this fear and anger? For me: less physical and emotional isolation. I want to know more people, have meaningful conversations and spend less time upset online, while still leveraging the reach of online platforms.

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