Musings of a recovering...

Cringy things about me

I'm not off the charts wealthy, but wealthy enough that I didn't work for more than 5 years in my 30s, combined that with a career change and still was able to purchase a home. That may be a not-so-humble brag, but it's also very unusual in my group of working class friends and demonstrates the level of privilege that I'm working with. I can't and don't want to buy a yacht, but I also don't have to work in order to eat and spend my time however I please.

I'm not aiming to be poor, but I fear it may happen. Really I do. I've never been poor. I've never been close to not being able to afford the lifestyle that I want. This blog is my attempt to document the struggles involved in rethinking work, income inequality and how to morph words into actions.