Musings of a recovering...

12-18-2023: A slice of chaos

If you want a nice picture, don't take it from your beatup cell phone, through a window screen sitting behind a smudged window; however, if you want a real slice of life then that's what it can look like. My backyard is a source of pride and a mixture of not so prideful feelings. It can serve as an annoying mirror of my personal style: messy, fun, perpetually incomplete, inconsistent, etc.

Why is there a doorframe on the ground? Lets pretend that it's not trash I can't part with. Maybe it's marking the entrance to my forthcoming underground bunker. It'll be worth it when I need to make phone calls and my wife is home working. Nice to have a place where you can talk loudly. Yup, somehow that's a need of mine. It'll be a coffee shop for 2. Very exclusive.

This picture's real inspiration is my first time seeing the winter sun illuminate the glass bottles embedded into the top SW corner of my earthen wall. I didn't plan it well, didn't execute the construction particularly well but the creation still has function and, with early morning winter sun angles, charm.

I hope to be better organized in the future and looking at my yard makes it clear that there's low hanging fruit. Despite my disorganized style, I built a lot. Despite my lack of experience and skill with mud, the wall exists and it's still standing. There's a lot to like in this little slice.